Journal of Radars Exhibited in International Conference for Intelligent Detection and Perception 2019

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The International Conference Intelligent Detection and Perception 2019 and the Second Modern Radar Forum were held in Guiyang on July 18-19, 2019. 6 academicians in the field ofradar and more than 400 experts from universities, research institutes and companies attended the event.19 renowned domestic and overseas experts and 5experts from high-tech enterprises in the industry gave the conference lectures.

The conference venue

AcademicianBen De of the 14th Institute of China Electric Power Group giving alecture

Academician Heyou of Naval Aviation University giving a lecture

Cheng Yufeng, the director of the Radar Institute of Aviation Industry of China givinga lecture

The stand of Journalof Radars

For details please visit the following website in Chinese

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