Dataset of Radar Detecting Sea Was Officially Released

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The Naval Aeronautical University Maritime Target Detection Task Force proposed a "Dataset of Radar Detecting Sea  Sharing Plan", which aims to form a standardized data set for long-term sea detection experiments in the Yantai Sea area using X-band solid-state full-coherence radar.

The first phase of the test began site preparation and equipment commissioning in September 2019. All planned tests were successfully completed from October 10 to November 12, and abundant radar sea clutter data was obtained.

A batch of (3 groups of 53) typical data has been selected, as well as supporting wind and wave element information, which was officially released in the "Dataset of Radar Detecting Sea" section of the

For the first phase of the trial and data details, please see the paper" Sea-detecting X-band Radar and Data Acquisition Program"and "Instructions for the use of sea-detecting radar data".The current data reference format is as follows: LIU Ningbo, DONG Yunlong, WANG Guoqing, etal. Sea-detecting X-band radar and data acquisition program[J]. Journal ofRadars, 2019, 8(5): 656–667. doi: 10.12000/JR19089.

Dataset of Radar Detecting Sea is owned by the Naval Aeronautical University, and the editorial department of the Journal of Radars has editorial copyrights. Readers can use this data for teaching and research free of charge, but they need to quote or thank in the papers, reports and other results. This data is forbidden for private use. For commercial purposes, please contact the Editorial Department of the Journal of Radars.

The data download adopts registration and verification system. For the first data download, please pay attention to the WeChat public service number and click on the registration; after the data download, the WeChat scan code can be started at the beginning. English website data registration and download, without WeChat scan code, directly through the mailbox verification.

For details please visit the following website in Chinese

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